Published On:Monday, February 16, 2009
Posted by Ahmed Mohamed

Where Is Amber Frey Now?

Nobody expects to become a household name overnight, but that's exactly what happened to Amber Frey.

More than four years ago, the Fresno, Calif., massage therapist became the star witness in the murder trial of Scott Peterson.

She was the "other woman" in a mysterious murder case that the whole world watched. During the trial, she was hounded by the media and became embroiled in a series of tabloid-fueled scandals, including nude photos of her becoming public.

Frey calls that period in her life "bizarre."

"During that time, it was very consuming with the media and stories that, you know, kept arising and constantly something new happening or being said," Frey said in an interview with "Good Morning America."

Today, Frey, 32, has taken back her quiet life, living with her new husband, corrections Officer Robert Hernandez, in a small city in central California.
She has opened a day spa and moved on from her notorious past, but she'll never forget how one blind date in November 2002 changed her life forever.

Hated Being Seen as the Mistress
Frey fell for Peterson's charm from the moment they met, but she would soon discover that he was not only married but that his wife, Laci, was reported missing.

When Peterson became the prime suspect in Laci's disappearance, Frey immediately contacted the authorities and went public about their affair.

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  1. I am glad she is happy with her new life and moved on from that horrid time period in her life, I also think we should all be appreciative that she did what she done, knowing she was still in love with Scott, because she was really a big play in putting him where he belongs...IN PRISON! I understand Laci's family is deeply hurting and grieving over the loss of their daughter, however they shouldn't give the cold shoulder to Amber because Amber was blindsighted by Scott like the rest of us were.

  2. Wow do you look great with your new hair....love in it.
    Yes.... S.P. today 7/17/09 is looking for $95,000 to help him over turn his 2003 conviction...I wish some could be overturning him for mulch! At least he would be making some one (the worms happy) What was he eating fruit loops?....but NO the biggest butt of 2003 is wish in and hope in....his life away....better him.....Yes those were
    very abstract months you spent being treated like crap by so many...those people are still pounding the keyboards nonstop, you did and how raw you were exposing the "DEVIL CHILD"
    now Mark Geragoose....that was a read turd! And shame on him...for ever. I hope you are having a blast with a normal man and your sweet children.....Bless the MESS and we move forward......Bless You always and forever.....It's great being free!!!!!!!

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